4 Cries for Help from your HVAC System (or 4 Signs your HVAC System Needs Attention)

4 Cries for Help from your HVAC System (or 4 Signs your HVAC System Needs Attention)

In general, HVAC systems have pretty even-keeled personalities. Day-in and day-out, they behave pretty much the way you would expect. That dependability is key.  Ensuring that your HVAC system stays in a healthy state will reward you with a clean and comfortable environment. It will also reward you healthier monthly dividends like lower energy bills. A happy home is one with a happy HVAC attitude.

On the other hand, neglecting the signals of discontent your HVAC companion may be sending can be a cry for help.  To avoid overlooking the warning signs and symptoms of a system that is starting to experience aches and pains, listen up!

Here are  the most common cries for help:

Condition: When Your AC Won’t Chill
Symptom: Sending Warm Air through the Vents

When it’s hot outside, your HVAC refrigerant is put to the test.  If the air coming out of your vents is warm instead of chilled. the problem could be a faulty compressor or thermostat. For a professional diagnosis, call on Derr Heating & Cooling for a definitive diagnosis and lower the temperature for all concerned,

Condition: Poor Airflow
Symptom: Air Traffic Congestion

Ever wonder what happens to all the particles collected each day by your air filters, grates and ducts? Don’t let your body be the final filter for your household air.

If you notice weak airflow from your HVAC system, it’s time to come clean. You haven’t replaced those filters on schedule. Relieving the congestion and opening up the airflow can help you avoid much bigger problems, such as compressor failure.

Condition: Gas or Moisture Infiltration
Symptom:  Unpleasant Odors

Foul odors are an affront to daily comfort. When the odors come from your HVAC system, they can quickly spread throughout your home.  To differentiate between different odors the first step is to find the source. While the strong smell of natural gas could indicate a gas leak hazard that needs immediate attention, an electrical smell could mean that your electrical wiring system needs a check. Similarly, a strong, musty odor indicates the presence of moisture or mold within your cooling unit or ductwork.

Sometimes, the unpleasant smells in your home emanate from odor-causing bacteria in debris. Debris in your AC ductwork negatively affects airflow, which can lead to significant AC system failure. You don’t want musty odor anywhere near your Olympic Peninsula home. For this reason, it’s prudent to invest in regular duct cleaning to prevent debris from settling and avoid contamination of the air you breathe indoors.

Condition: Component Damage or Loosening
Symptom: Weird Rattling or Clanking

It’s not unusual for an HVAC system to put out occasional sounds when switching modes. But when the noise sounds weird, it could be a signal of component damage or loosening. You should call Derr to check your AC if you hear a rattle, banging, or clanking. For instance, a compressor malfunction can cause a buzzing sound. Similarly, if dirt and small rocks get into the mechanical components, the HAVC system will produce grinding noises. That said, you can avoid AC problems through proper maintenance.

According to the Department of Energy, predictive maintenance can help minimize breakdowns by 70%. Additionally, you could reduce downtime and maintenance costs by 30% – 45% respectively.

Despite the massive demand, HVAC units are susceptible to failure. As diagnosed above, the problems are sometimes occasioned by neglecting signs such as weak airflow, warm air from the vents, and unpleasant musty odors emanating from your home.

Call on Derr Heating & Cooling for early diagnosis and treatment. And turn those cries into sighs! [DHC]