A New Year and New HVAC Horizon for Clean Hydrogen Energy

A New Year and New HVAC Horizon for Clean Hydrogen Energy
Hydrogen is the most abundant element on earth. In fact, as astrophysicists will tell us, it is also the most abundant element in the universe. The legendary “Big Bang” occurred when Hydrogen collided with Helium and created an inter-galactic birthday — but that is a very long story.

Most know Hydrogen best when it combines with other elements. Like two parts Hydrogen and one part Oxygen equals one molecule of water. When consumed in a fuel cell, Hydrogen produces only water, making it a super clean fuel.

Hydrogen as a fuel can be used in cars, in houses, for portable power, and much more.  Surprisingly,  there are already cars  that run on hydrogen fuel cells. China has the highest number of hydrogen fueling stations for road vehicles worldwide, where you can fill up just as you would with unleaded or diesel and in the same time frame as a traditional fuel car. Japan has the second highest number of these fueling stations, followed by South Korea, Germany and the US.

Hydrogen is also an exciting lightweight fuel option for road, air and shipping transportation. The international delivery company DHL already has a fleet of ‘H2 panel vans’, capable of traveling 500km without refueling.

Hydrogen Power for your Home
The Viessmann Vitovalor 

The Viessmann company in partnership with Panasonic has developed the Vitovalor PT2 . This product takes the natural gas available in most homes and turns it into Hydrogen which powers the fuel cell, and the waste heat is stored in a buffer for heating and hot water usage.

It’s an all in one unit meaning there is no longer any need for a hot water cylinder, cold water storage tanks in the loft or any other heating appliances such as boilers as it’s all contained in 1 box.

The Vitovalor PT2 consists of two units: the fuel cell developed by Panasonic and the gas condensing module from Viessmann. The two units can be transported separately, or sited freely in the room.

As a compact heating appliance, the Vitovalor PT2 requires a footprint of only 0.72 square meters. The required minimum room height is approximately two metres. If the two appliances are installed side by side, they take up a total width of 1.20 metres.  In our advice section you will find more tips on buying a new heating system.

Right now the product is available in Europe, but stay tuned!

Other Hydrogen-based products are making their way to market. Ask a Derr Heating advisor about how to take advantage of any rebates being offered as well as the efficiency and cost-savings of Hydrogen boilers overall.

The future is calling! [DHC}