PSE Home Car Charging Rebates— Call for Gas Pump Avengers

PSE Home Car Charging Rebates— Call for Gas Pump Avengers


Owning a Hybrid of Electric Veicle just got sweeter with the new Puget Sound Energy Home Charging (Electric Vehicle Chargers) Rebate Program!

Derr Heating has an early scoop on the program to give you a jump start. Following is a brief overview of program offerings. More information can be found on our PSE Rebates grid.

Program Details:

* Up to $300 per qualifying charger

* Provided as an Instant Rebate.

* Up to $600 per qualifying charger and up to $2000 in installation
incentives for income-eligible customers (through PSE’s Empower Mobility).

* Customers must have PSE residential electric service.

* Multifamily customers with dedicated parking in range of their
unit’s electrical panel are also eligible/

* Chargers must be on the Qualifying Products List and purchased after

* Applications must include an itemized invoice or receipt that
provides charger make and model

* Limit one Home Charging rebate per household within 5 year window.

As of March 1, 2024, actual Incentive Amounts and qualifying models are to be announced.

Level 2 Charger Models now appear on our PSE Rebates Page.|<>.