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A New Warming Trend From Derr

If the term Hydronics is new to you, you are not alone. In simple terms, Hydronics refers to a central heating system that utilizes hot water to heat your home.

The emergence of hydronic heating systems is increasing dramatically in North America, as homeowners here realize how comfortable and cost-efficient they can be. It is widely regarded as the most comfortable, versatile, economical and effective heating option available.

How Hydronics Works

An energy-efficient boiler is used to heat water, which is an excellent conductor of heat. The heated water is then circulated throughout the home using your choice of underfloor tubing, slim baseboard radiators, or decorative wall panels that deliver the heat evenly to each room in your home. The water is then returned to the boiler to be re-heated and re-circulated.

Water releases heat gradually when passed through the radiator in each room. This creates a very comfortable living environment where heat distribution is even and controllable, as there are no fans blowing high volumes of air creating hot and cold spots.

The water loses only a fraction of its warmth as it travels throughout your home, and requires less fuel to reheat it to circulation temperature. With a hydronic system you can reduce your fuel consumption by up to 40 per cent. Weather responsive controls, computer sensors and individual room thermostats ensure that your system operates efficiently and provides you with warmth and comfort unmatched by conventional furnaces.


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