Welcome to the Won-DERR-ful World of Derr!

Welcome to the Won-DERR-ful World of Derr!

Welcome to the Won-DERR-ful Derr Hearting & Cooling Blog! This is a place we hope you will  return to, again and again, for the latest news, insights, advice and helpful hints.

For our first installment, here are five reasons we love what we do — and we think you will  too!

1. HVAC is Hot! – When its icy cold outside, we love bringing warmth and hot bath times to the Great Indoors. When the weather turns bitter cold,  a tech can make it warm again.

2. HVAC is Cool! – When you are are cool, we are cool. We make things cool. When air conditioning is not cool, a tech can make it cool again.

3. We’re a Big Industry that Feels Small – HVAC is a major industry, but it doesn’t feel that way.  It feels like  a community, a neighborhood, a household, and a family. We never lose sight that it’s people we serve.

4. Real Environmental Impact –  One of the greenest actions any customer can make is optimizing their HVAC system,  keeping air filters unclogged, purifying the air, and managing energy more efficiently.  Derr can  help you do just that!

5.   HVAC Makes People Healthier – We really do make people healthier. Food is healthier because it’s refrigerated. Hospitals are healthier because air conditioning makes it possible to close the windows. Indoor air is healthier when we filter and purify it. [DH]


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