2023 New Year’s Resolutions to Heat, Cool and Save with Derr!

2023 New Year’s Resolutions to Heat, Cool and Save with Derr!
There’s never been a better time than the new year of 2023 to improve the efficiency and economy of your home energy and climate control.  At Derr Heating and Cooling, we like to refer to this as making the “The Great Indoors” more comfortable and livable.

Here on the Olympic Peninsula we are surrounded by the beauty of the Great Outdoors with our majestic, snow-capped mountains and sparkling inland waterways everywhere you look. Why not make 2023 the year to match the natural splendor of the world outside our doors with the atmosphere inside our homes and workplaces?

Here’s how to do just that!

1.) Consult an Expert
Ask five different HVAC consultants how to measure up to the new environmental standards that take effect in 2023.  You’re most likely to get five different answers. With Derr, you ‘ll get just one — the right one.  We support real-time training for junior apprentices and installers but we do not consider them your first source for recommendations on heating and cooling solutions — like Mini-Split Heat Pumps and Ductless Vents that heat or cool one room at a time — the one you’re living in! Imagine if you could control the temperature in the spaces you’re in, not the empty spaces that no one is in. You’ve just cut your energy consumption and costs by a large margin.
2.) Clear the Air
We’ve just been through the most chilling pandemic in a generation. Did you know you could eliminate the likes of Covid with several types of indoor air quality solutions?  One is the latest SEER and MERV filter standards that screen out particles of less than one micron in diameter. Another is illuminating LED technology that zaps those flu and Covid viruses out of existence. The third method is an ionizing filter that purifies the air you breathe. How is it that we change the oil filters in our cars, and our coffee machines but seem to forget to change the air filters for the air we breathe in our homes? This is your gentle reminder.  Make it easier for those around you to breathe a whole lot easier in 2023!
3.) Backup Your Living Power
Tall trees and winter winds make for “the perfect storm” around 3 to 4 to 5 times every year. But this year, we are a connected society via the Internet for everything from doctor’s office visits to classroom learning. Losing power means losing touch with the outside world.  If the loss of work, not to mention the loss of heat, hot water, cellular service and home security is a concern, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to have Derr design the perfect generator solution for the size and scope of your energy backup needs.

4.) Look into Hydronics and Geothermal
It’s no surprise that most Peninsula residents have yet to explore the revolutionary benefits of Hydronic water-based heating comfort and geothermal heat sources (even when we live next to a national forest famous for its underground hot springs!)
That’s because your neighborhood HVAC company has little knowledge of these leading-edge innovations. It’s like seeking advice on electric cars from a horse and buggy maker. Derr Heating specializes in Hydronic and Geothermal implementations and can perform a customized  cost- benefits analysis to confirm your return on investment, letting you opt-in to tomorrow’s energy savings today.
For all  of us at Derr Heating, we wish everyone the happiest and most prosperous New Year in 2023! You won’t go wrong if you make Derr Heating your HVAC Recommen-DERR and count on us to make your new year a  won-DERR-ful success!