The Gifts of Education

The Gifts of Education
It’s that honorary time of year when graduation ceremonies dot the homeland and we all celebrate one of the greatest gifts we can pass along from one generation to the next — the gift of education.

For more than half a century, the Derr family has transferred its HVAC knowledge and skills from one branch of the family tree to another.  Adam’s father taught him the real world applications that went beyond the training he received, the certification that leads to a professional business license.

Like a diploma, a registered business license for an HVAC expert or electrician reflects a tremendous amount of knowledge acquired, hours of study and homework, and rigorous examinations.

Our hats are off, just like the flying caps sent soaring skyward as graduates fling them into the air, to each and every student who graduated with the Class of 2023!

From Kelsey Derr to Alivia Palmer, two sensational grads who grew up inside the families who today own our company and keep it running smoothly, to the outstanding grads in your family and neighborhood, Derr Heating and Cooling salutes you!

Below is a scrapbook of special memories that mark this celebration of education and achievement.