A Refreshing Taste of Derr’s

A Refreshing Taste of Derr’s

The name Derr can be traced back to a very tasty refreshment in the form of a delicious beverage.

Tucked away in the small city of Boonville, Indiana sits Derr’s Soda, makers of a sparkling variety of soda pop in amazing flavors like strawberry, pineapple, orange and grape.

The Derr’s business is old.

It’s so old that when Derr’s started making “pop,” they had to pump the water they used from a well. I

t’s so old, their original means of transportation were horses and wagons.

Derr’s Soda was founded by John Derr under the name “John Derr & Sons” in 1889 in Boonville, Indiana and has remained in the family ever since. It’s currently in its fourth generation of ownership.

The company has been famous for its Derr’s Dry (lemon-lime) and strawberry sodas, with orange pineapple, orange, and grape also being very popular.  Derr’s closed its doors for a number of years in 1992. Essentially what happened was that no one in the Derr family had time for the business anymore. Now the business is re-opening and bringing back its famous flavors.

You can purchase Derr’s Soda from Summit City Soda or from the company directly via its online store.